Pet Allergies

Understanding Allergies and Their Impact on Your Pets

What is allergy
Allergy is immunologic reaction ( Allergic Reaction ) to specific allergens which might come from food and /or environment .
Allergy is one the most common abnormalities we see in our practice on a daily basis . Allergy might be because of food , environment or home allergens .

1) Adverse food reaction (AFR) is an abnormal response attributed to the ingestion of a food or food additive. It might be food intolerance , Lactose intolerance for example .
Food allergy on the other hand is a condition in which an immune-mediated adverse reaction to a food antigen happens. The most important canine food allergens are thought to be heat-stable, water-soluble proteins.
Food allergies require time to develop; most animals have been eating the offending food for years with no trouble.

2) Atopy or environmental allergy is a word used to describe the inherited predisposition to develop hypersensitivity reactions to environmental triggers including pollens, dusts, molds, danders, and foods

Signs and conditions related to allergy

Itchy skin, in dogs and cats is one of the most common allergy related conditions. Cats itch around the face or neck which produces scabs and hair loss. In dogs, signs include facial itching, foot or limb chewing, itchy anal area, and recurrent ear infections. This is often more than just a minor annoyance. Red, oozing bald patches; rashes; and large expanses of hair loss are unfortunate markers of very real discomfort. Skin infection , rashes , hair loss are other signs of allergy
Ear infection , Up to 80% of cases of allergy the only sign might be ear infection . Smelly and dirty ears, head shaking, vomiting and scratching ears are common signs of ear infection.
Vomiting, diarrhea especially chronic are very important signs of allergy, adverse food reaction ,AFR, specifically. Frequent bowel movement , 4 times or more could be another sign of AFR , ( in dogs )
Neurologic/Behavioral Signs: Hyperactivity was documented in dogs. Food allergy is a proposed cause of seizure disorders in companion animals and humans.
Conjunctivitis , Eye inflammation, can be another sign of allergies.
We in Market Hill Animal Hospital offer services to diagnose, manage and treat all allergenic related abnormalities and help your beloved companions to live a normal , happy and pain free life.

Itchy skin
Skin scratch
Ear infection
Recurrent ear infection
Scratching ears
Dirty ears
Smelly ears
Licking paws
Overgrooming and scratching the face
Frequent Bowel movement
Chronic Diarrhea
Neurologic/Behavioral Signs
Head shaking

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