On the edge of False Creek's gorgeous Sea Wall, Market Hill Animal Hospital serves its community by providing high quality clinical care, house calls, and a number of other cutting edge services.

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For elderly clients with mobility issues or young urbanites with demanding work schedules, house calls are our way of accommodating the community outside of normal hours.

clinical care

Dr. Rashidi (DVM, PhD) has been a practicing veterinarian for over 25 years and has taught veterinary medicine at a top university for 5. His passion to the craft shines through in his work.


Other services

Whether it be cold laser therapy, a painless way to treat joint/wound pain, our top of the line digital laser technology, or our informative blog, we go above and beyond for our clients.

We'll get Fido fixed up.


Our high quality clinical care is one of the best in the city- look at our Google reviews for yourself. We offer internal medicine, surgery, geriatric care, dentistry, and a myriad of other clinical services. 


For folks whose lifestyle doesn't accommodate our normal hours.


We understand that our hardworking big-city friends have demanding jobs that may not let them come in during normal hours. To that we say: we're 10 minutes away from Yaletown and Coal Harbour and can come to your house after hours.

To our elderly friends and those with mobility issues, we understand the struggle of getting to the clinic. That's why we're more than happy to accommodate you: we can come to your place during or after hours.

Finally, we understand that your pet just might not be very happy about coming in to the clinic. For those with anxious or poorly socialized pets, we'd be happy to visit you at a house call as well.


State of the art X ray technology meets virtually risk-free pain relief.


In addition to our clinical services, we offer a number of alternative technologies for our clients. Our X-Ray technology is fully digitized, making it faster and more and accurate. Next, our cold laser machine speeds healing, decreases joint pain, and so much more.